Review of the Jamaican bounce crotchet braids.

Hello everyone. 

Recently I installed the Jamaican bounce by sensationnel, in colour 1B and I will be giving you my opinion on getting crochet braids and this particular brand of crochet braiding hair.

The installation.

  • I used 3¼ packs of hair for my entire head.


  • I braided my hair in cornrows, in an all back style.
  • Then I took all the loose single braids and tucked them under the next braid, with the crotchet hook.
  • Next i took the crochet braids and separated them in two to loosen up the curls and make installation easier.
  • Whilst separating the hair, i realized it was producing a lot of frizz, but hey frizz makes it look more realistic right!
  • Using the hook, i would slip it under a braid, attach some hair to it, close the latch on the hock and gently pull it out.
  • Then i would loop it in the side that was pulled through with the hook and knot it.
  • After installing everything, i had to trim off a lot of its length, because it was 26 inches long and i didn’t want it that long.

This was the final result


I put it up in a pineapple style using a silk scarf to protect the curls while i slept.

The next day, the curls were still defined and bouncy. Though the frizz was getting worse. So I had to snip off some bits that was sticking out and style it differently . 

Three days later, it started getting tangled and I didn’t like how it looked. So I decided to put it up in a pineapple style with a satin scarf. I also had to trim off some of the tangled hair and frizz. this is the result 

After a week of having this style, it got so tangled and messy and i just wasn’t interested in it anymore. ha ha. So yes i took it out. 

Will i be using it again?

Maybe, because it was really bouncy and pretty. But i’m not 100% sure ill install it again. I’m not sure if it was because i didn’t use any product in it, that’s why it was tangled and frizzy. but if i do install it again, i will test it out with products.

Do crochet braids damage your hair?

It wont if done properly, as mine didn’t damage my hair and it is a nice protective style.

Would i recommend Jamaican bounce crotchet braids?

Definitely yes. it is really light weight and gorgeous. If you can maintain it better than i did then go for it.

Hope you found this helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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Have a lovely day.


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