My hair journey πŸŒ±

Hey people πŸ’“

So today we’re going to be taking a trip down memory lane and look at my relaxed hair days, transitioning to natural, doubts and so on.

Ok so as a child i was natural up till i was 7 or 8 i think and from then on i had relaxed hair.


I went to an all girls boarding school where we were required to have short hair. Yep worst day of my life as a kid having to cut off my long hair but oh well.

Alright fast forward to 2014, i became relaxer crazy lol. I never wanted to see that new growth for a long time, so i got a relaxer every 2 months. My hair was super thick and thriving.


Moving on to 2015, i became scissor happy and never let my hair grow past my shoulder because i wanted it short. I kept relaxing my hair.

Then i went to the salon one day to get a trim and the woman ended up giving me a haircut. I was so mad and i thought well i guess this’ll be a good time to transition right.

So i learnt how to braid my hair with extensions and for 9 months i wore box braids to help me transition. Haha yes i also decided to play around with colours.

Finally on the 17th of February 2016, i cut off my relaxed hair leaving the new growth.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It was so soft and my god compared to now it was super easy to wash and comb haha.

I then decided to install more box braids and let it grow, but at the same time i did leave my hair on its own to let it be, and it was doing pretty good.

My last box braid was this picture below and after which i got a weave.

So many things have changed with the way i take care of my hair since i decided to just let my hair be itself and not relax it. Yes i wont lie, i have thought about chemically straightening it but damn I’ve come so far (yep even if its been a year). I love the versatility of my hair. I can do almost any style with it and it’ll turn out brilliant.Β 

Now today, 2nd of February 2017, my hair is super healthy and to be honest it feels much thicker and bouncier than it did when it was relaxed.Β 

I am not against relaxers and neither am i trying to get anyone to become natural. All i will say is do what makes you happy. If you feel that maintaining kinky coily hair is stressful then stick to your relaxer, just try to maintain your hair no matter what so it doesn’t break or thin. Learn to take care of your hair because that way you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Learn from those who have the same hair type as you.Β 

So here’s to many more years of growing out my thick gorgeous mane and ditching the scissors.Β 

I hope you enjoyed this, lol i sure did.

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Have a lovely day and see you next time.


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I am a CSI student & I love sports, fashion, beauty, science, nature, rock n roll and animals. I keep those I love the closest to my heart. I believe everything happens for a reason. I always like to play around with things just to see the outcome and more practice makes everything better in the end. Hope we can all learn from each other and make living much easier and full of hope, joy and peace. Contact me on " " or on any of my social media platforms.

10 thoughts on “My hair journey πŸŒ±”

  1. It’s funny how our story is kinda similar, I went natural because the person who was supposed to trim my hair ended up cutting instead.
    The green Box braids still remains my favourite and your hair is beautiful, the growth is also impressive.

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    1. Aww thank you so much. And that sucks that hair dressers do that to our hair 😭. Well no more lol because I learnt to do everything myself, so no need to go to the salon πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww love this post and I do agree we are not here to persuade people going natural over here to do is to teach them so they can learn to embrace their hair whichever stylish chose. This is a chaotic journey but I will say this I’m glad I’ve made the choice of going natural

    Liked by 1 person

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