Review of the Zerreau towel off shampoo.

Hello everyone.

I’m back with another product review and this time it is the “Zerreau towel off shampoo foam“.

This product claims to clean and refreshes your hair without water. It says it uses zero water, leaves hair clean and fresh, removes oil and odours, removes product build up, infused with strawberry scent, leaves no streaks or residues, fast and easy to use, and its suitable for all hair types.

Now this is very interesting because i haven’t even tried dry shampoo and then a water-less shampoo comes along. I was a bit hesitant to try it at first but then i became pretty curious to find out how this works.

So lets see how this product works.

Ok so i decided to try this out on my current hairstyle which is box braids. My hair is in need of a good wash lol, and i am going to be super busy today, so i cant wash it now. 

The “washing” process.

  • I parted my hair so i could work in sections.


  • Using the pump, i dispensed out a little amount of the product directly onto my scalp. 


  • I then massaged it gently onto my hair and whilst it was still soapy, i used an old cotton t-shirt. I used this instead of a towel because using a towel on my type 4 Afro hair is the last thing i want to do and it will snag my hair.
  • I then repeated this process throughout the rest of my hair.


  1. You don’t need to get your hair drenched in water.
  2. Can be used on the go as it is a 70 ml bottle.
  3. It is probably ideal for campers, people going to music festivals, or for styles like braids, dreadlocks etc.
  4. It has 2 different scents; strawberry and apple. I love strawberries and that’s why i used the strawberry infused shampoo.
  5. It can be used on Afro hair.
  6. It can be used for people who wear wigs and need to quickly clean their hair.
  7. It left my hair smelling fruity and soft.
  8. It doesn’t feel greasy. It feels like it did clean my hair.

My final verdict of this product is that it is very handy and i do recommend that you give it a try too. It really does clean your hair but honestly, it felt weird to “wash” my hair without water. I’ll most likely use this product when ever i have a protective style in and i cant be bothered to wash it.

I’ll stick to using regular shampoo for now for my wash day routine, mainly because i really love that feeling of water running through my hair. Its just really good.

Get it here 

I hope you found this useful.

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Do have a lovely day and i will see you next time. 



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