Want to make your highlight or eyeshadow pop? Then try this

Hello everyone hope you’re all doing well 😃.

Today i will be sharing with you a very effective tip/product to make your eye shadow or powder highlighter standout. 

This product is the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray. It is a light weight setting spray that dries quickly and lasts for the majority of the day. Now i have always used it for my shimmery eye shadows but i recently started using it for my highlighters too and i just love it. 


To use for eye shadow or highlighter, i simply spray a little bit on the brush i’m using to apply the particular makeup, pat or rub the wet brush on the eye shadow or highlighter and apply to my face.

  • MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in the shade ‘Golden Afterglow: This drugstores brand of highlighters are so good and the price is just right. It retails for GBP 3.00 (USD 3.88 , NGN: 1219.98). This highlighter goes so well with the pro fix spray. It defines it and makes it stay put. 
  • MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in the shade ‘Radiant Cashmere:  With this highlighter, there was not much difference when swatched on its own and with pro fix. So this one doesn’t really need pro fix to help it pop, but pro fix can still be used to make it last longer. This product retails for GBP 3.00 (USD 3.88 , NGN: 1219.98). 
  • Uberchic ville pressed glitter in the shade ‘Jade: This beautiful pressed glitter retails for NGN 714 (USD: $2.85, GBP: £1.74). When used on the eyelid it looks so good and a little definitely goes a long way. Now below is a comparison of the pressed glitter with and without the pro fix makeup spray. Well as you can see, it looked way better before adding it to the pro fix. So this product can be used on its own without the use of any adhesive or defining factor such as the pro fix.

 Links to the products listed; 

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight Powder – Golden Afterglow

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – Radiant Cashmere

Jade Pressed

Hope this helps you.

See you next time and have a lovely week 💛👋.


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