My Ulta and Sephora haul contd. 

Hello friends, welcome to the continuation of my previous post ” My Ulta and Sephora haul” click here if you haven’t checked it out yet 💚.

This post unlike the previous one contains slightly cheaper products but still of beautiful quality.

My Ulta haul;

  • Buxom eye shadow in the shade ‘IT Crowd’ ($12): ok so prior to purchasing this product I had never heard of it, but I’m glad I discovered it. This eye shadow is so pigmented and beautiful it makes my heart melt, ha ha. It’s a nice orange shimmery colour and I cannot wait to create a look with this.
  • NYX prismatic shadows in the shade ‘Glided doré’ or ps22 ($5.99): first off the packaging is so cute. It’s got a little bow where you open it from. Onto the shadow, it is a beautiful gold shade. Nice and pigmented too (yes I say pigmented a lot because I don’t like going for eyeshadow that won’t pop) haha. 
  • NYX Dewy and Matte finish setting sprays ($7.99 each): I got the matte finish for the summer and the dewy finish for the winter.people I kid you not when I say that the matte finish (which is the one I’ve used so far out of the two) is way better that the Urban decay All nighter setting spray. This baby held my makeup on for at least 7 hours (because I took my makeup off after the 7th hour. I won’t be surprised if it lasts longer. Can’t wait to try out the dewy finish during the winter.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade 02 ($5.99): it’s a lovely nude colour and smells nice.


  • LÓRÉAL Paris Infalliable pro-glow foundation in the shades ‘209 (caramel beige) & 210 (classic tan)’ ($12.99 each): I got these two shades because mixing both of them will give me a perfect match, and I can always use the lighter one in the winter or the darker one when I get a massive tan. Plus it’s got SPF 15, sweet.
top – 209 bottom – 210
  • NYX liquid suede cream lipstick ($6.99): I got it in the shade ‘Alien’ or 24. It’s a black shade with a tint of blue 🖤😍 and I can’t wait to use it. 


  • NYX White liquid liner ($6.99): My search for a white eyeliner has ended. I love the NYX liquid liners and did not hesitate to grad this white liner. Makeup looks coming soon 😜🤡.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Have a lovely day and I will see you next time 👋🏼


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