How to maintain and grow thick, strong, long hair.

Hello everyone πŸ˜ƒ. How are you all doing?

I recently posted my current hair state on Snapchat and got so many questions. From transitioning, to how I grow my hair.Β My hair journey so far has been fun, adventurous and full of new discoveries . So I want to share with you all, my tips on how to grow healthy, thick, long hair. My hair is below collar bone length and I can’t wait for it to get much longer, Yaaayy.

This post should answer all the questions I have received and I hope that you’ll benefit from it.

PS. These are the things I do and have done in the past to help my hair. It’s basically all about trial and error. Learn to discover what works for your hair type. I have changed a lot of the routines i started with when i first went natural and that is because now, i have learnt how to take care of my hair and i know what it needs. So my routine is way shorter and quicker.


Transitioning as opposed to the big chop is when you allow the new growth to sprout and you still have your relaxed hair attached because you still want the length or you’re just not sure how you’ll look with a very short Afro.

I transitioned, and it was not the most pleasant experience ever. It was hard to maintain both textures (curly & straight). I had to do styles like Bantu knots or flexi rod sets to try to blend both textures but it never lasted for more than 2 days.

What I recommendΒ 

  • Invest in a good leave in conditioner as this will make combing easier
  • Always comb from the bottom upwards as this will reduce breakageΒ 
  • Always use a wide tooth comb
  • If you are like me and both textures start driving you crazy, embrace it and cut off the relaxed ends using a hair trimming scissors.
  • Wear protective styles. For example, I wore a lot of box braids whilst transitioning. But you never want to leave a style in for more than 1Β½Β months.
  • Deep conditioners are your friends. It’ll help with moisture and manageability.

Already Natural

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Afro in puffs

If you’re at this stage, you’ve fully embraced your curls and are rocking your Afro. But I’m always asked on what do I use to grow my hair. Well here are the things I do;

  • I stay away from heat as much as possible. The last time I flat ironed my hair was in 2016 and I’ve decided that the health of my hair is better than damaging it. So no more heat for at least 2 years.
  • I trim the ends of my hair at least twice a year. One at the beginning of the year and another at the end. I also make sure to use scissors specifically designed for hair cutting.
  • I finger detangle my hair for knots before I use a comb.
  • I stopped wearing weaves.
  • I recently just bought a wig which I’ll wear once in a while but prior to this moment, I never wore wigs.
  • I stopped going to the salon, instead i decided to learn about my hair and style/braid it myself.
  • I stopped using shampoos with sulfur in them. Instead, I have invested in shampoos and conditioners designed for natural hair.
  • I give myself scalp massages at least twice a week, and these last for 2 minutes or at most 4 minutes.
  • I use growth oils. I have in a bottle a mixture of peppermint oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil and Jamaican extra dark castor, wild growth oils (the white and the yellow bottle), essential 17 (by Alikay naturals). All these oils are pre-mixed by me and in a plastic bottle. To use I boil some water and pour in a bowl. Then I put the bottle in the hot water to heat up. When it has cooled down a bit, I shake it and pour a little bit on my palm. Then I use my finger tips to distribute it around my scalp and massage. And this has definitely helped with my hair growth.
  • I take Silica complex vitamins. This contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, skin & nails. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, horsetail extract, and many more. I believe it works because I’ve been taking it for a year now and have seen some general improvements in the areas it targets.


  • I make sure my protective styles are not too tight and are not pulling at my edges.
  • I wash my hair at least once a week.Β 
  • I don’t use brushes to comb through my hair and for my edges I use a soft boar bristle brush. Use the proper hair tools for your hair type.
  • I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.
  • I moisturise my hair a lot focusing on my ends as they are very fragile.Β 
  • My hair loves water. So sometimes, I hop into the shower without a shower cap and let the steam do get my hair moist. Or if i have braids in, I spritz it with water every morning.
  • My hair is pretty much always in either twists or braids so I don’t play with it too much.

That’s it. That is how I have managed to maintain the health of my hair and it’s length.

For more information on the specific products I use, clickΒ My current hair care favourites

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them πŸ˜ƒ.

As always, have a lovely day and I will see you next time πŸ’™.


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I am a CSI student & I love sports, fashion, beauty, science, nature, rock n roll and animals. I keep those I love the closest to my heart. I believe everything happens for a reason. I always like to play around with things just to see the outcome and more practice makes everything better in the end. Hope we can all learn from each other and make living much easier and full of hope, joy and peace. Contact me on " " or on any of my social media platforms.

8 thoughts on “How to maintain and grow thick, strong, long hair.”

  1. Sharing this post with my Kenyan friend who recently transitioned. I think She’ll find all she needs to know here. Quite insightful. Thank you! I’m so loving the puffs!! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

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  2. I’m going to share this with my friend. I believe that this helps. She was trying so many stuffs to grow her hair but didn’t work much. Thanks Raven for sharing such an informative post.

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