DIY whipped Shea, mango & cupuacu butter for hair.

PS. this post is long because i had to redo the whipped butter. Keep reading to find out.Β 

Ok so we all know how Shea butter is brilliant for your hair especially during the winter. And because I intend on wearing my own hair out and not braiding (with extensions), I thought I’ll have to take extra care of it.

So what motivated me.

As always I did my research and found that a lot of “Naturals” with thick long healthy hair had their own natural products mix. So I decided to do mine. Plus I have used shea butter on my hair in the past and love it. So instead of using store bought hair products, I’ll be using my own mix.


  • Raw Unrefined Shea butter: I’ll be using 300g of this butter. Shea butter is a great moisturiser and sealant for your hair and skin. It also helps those suffering with dandruff.

Β 20171202_102848278696838.jpg

  • Pure Mango butter: I’ll be using 100g. It is a moisturiser and protects hair against UV rays. It’s a great hair conditioner and it’s said to keep hair strong and healthy. Plus I love mangoes and couldn’t hold back from using the butter.


  • Pure Cupuacu butter: I’ll be using a 100g of this butter and omg it smells so good. It absorbs water from the air, thereby keeping your hair and skin moisturised.


  • Moroccan Argan oil: it is rich in vitamin e and has so many benefits like; moisture, protection against harsh weather, repairing split ends and softening the hair. This bottle comes with a dropper which I find helpful.


  • Pure mango & lime Jamaican black castor oil (extra dark): this is by far my favourite castor oil as it makes my hair soft and it’s good for growing thick long hair.


  • Rosemary oil: I’ve mentioned how much I love this essential oil in the past and so I decided to include it. It helps with hair growth.


  • Lavender oil: I’ll be using this essential oil to add a lovely aroma to my mixture. I’ll be adding 5 drops so it won’t be overpowering.


  • Avocado oil: this oil helps tame frizz and promotes healthy shiny hair.


  • Extra virgin raw vita coco Coconut oil: I love using this oil to take my makeup off. This is my second jar actually. I also like to apply it on my edges and decided to add it to the butter mix. The more the better πŸ˜‰.


Other items;

All these products were mixed in a bowl till it reached a nice creamy consistency. After which it was placed in a jar for preservation and easy use. I also made a little for my mother to try 😊.

Below is a short video on how I made this hair butter mix.


This turned out to be a fail because the next day it hardened and i wanted it to still be soft. this is it after a week

Now lets address my mistake

So i figured that maybe i used too many butters to the ratio of oils, meaning i didn’t use enough oils. I then resorted to whipping the butter again but this time i added more oils, like i went crazy with the amount i added. i also used the same oils initially used to make the mix. This was a great idea because the next day it was still nice and creamy.


So the key to a super soft consistency is OILS!!!!!

I LOVE IT 😍😍. My boyfriend says it smells like food ha ha and it defines my curls and keeps it super soft.


A little goes a long way so this should last me a while and I intend on being religious with it to reap the benefits.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or are looking forward to trying this mix πŸ˜‰

Have a lovely day and see you next time πŸ˜‰β€


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