Have i found the secret to retaining moisture 🙊 ?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well!
Sorry I’ve been away for so long but my post graduate degree has taken up a lot of my time.
Ok so lets get to it.
For the past month i introduced some new products into my hair care regimen and paired it with some of my old ones. The result has been amazing as my hair stays super soft, moisturised and i’ve noticed less breakage.
These products are:

  • Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore leave-in conditioner [£10.99]. This product contains all the good stuff like; Shea butter, peppermint, keratin, JBCO, glycerin, jojoba oil, H2O and many more.


  • Ultimate organic therapy tea tree stimulating growth oil [£2.99]. If you have an itchy scalp i would highly recommend this oil as it has helped with my scalp and leaves it feeling moisturised.


  • Ultimate organic therapy extra virgin olive oil stimulating growth oil [£2.99]. This product is a gem. It makes my hair SO soft i am not even joking. It is perfect for a hot oil treatment and it made my detangling process very easy.


  • Ultimate organic therapy Jamaican black castor stimulating growth oil [£2.99]. I’m in love with this line and I think it might be making my hair thicker 🤔 or maybe it’s my change in diet. Hmmm


  • Shea Moisture coconut & hibiscus curl & shine style milk [£9.99]. This product works wonderfully with my 4b/4c hair type. This has coconut oil, silk protein, neem oil, H2O, glycerin, Shea butter, carrot oil, etc. Even after 4 days majority of my curls are still defined and clumped together. This product is very thick so use lightly.

Now the secret is to use these products on wet/damp hair for best results and lasting moisture retention.
With these products, i have found that the LCO [leave-in conditioner, cream & oil) method works best for me. To finish off, I apply a little mixture of the tea tree & castor oil to my scalp.
A detailed description of how i use these products will be in my Updated wash day routine so click here to check it out.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and if they work for you too.
Have a great day & see you next time.


Side braids inspired by Beyoncé 

Hello friends 😃. I hope you are all doing well.

I think it’s safe to say I have out done myself this time by attempting this famous and beautiful braiding style.

Ok let’s get right to it shall we,

The preparation.

A day before the braiding was done I did the following;

  • I washed my hair, moisturized with my shea butter and wild growth hair oil, and put it in large braids to air dry and stretch out.
  • After my hair was fully dry, I unraveled the braids and using the tension method, I stretched out my hair with a blow dryer.


  • I also gave my hair a well deserved trim as I was beginning to spot some split ends 😰. Omg and after I trimmed it, it was way easier to comb.

The materials.

  • I had 2 packs of impression braiding hair but ended up using just one pack. 
  • 230 wooden beads which came in various shapes and sizes and a beading tool.
  • Gold hair cuffs and elastic hair band
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling and Rat tail comb for parting 

The process

Now this is the fun part.

  • I sectioned my hair in three parts, and making my side part on the left side of my head allowing the style to fall on the right side of my face.
  • I started off with the bottom right section by rubbing some shea butter onto my palms and then I began to braid my hair, and as I went further I began to add a little bit of the extension using the feed-in method (watch video below). Now what the feed in method is, is that you take some braiding hair and insert it into your already braided hair, bit by bit, so as to achieve a more natural and blended look.


  • Then I went ahead to braid the left side of my hair. This was the hardest bit to do at first, but once I got the hang of it, it became easier to do. I simply went by feeling the part and just braiding as I could not see the back of my head.
  • After this, I went ahead to finish off the style by doing the top section. I wanted it to curve from the inside and that is what defines my style.
  • After about 7 and a half to 8 hours, I was finally done with the whole braiding process and trimming off the hairs that were sticking out, I proceeded to boil some water and dip the ends of the hair in the hot water to help seal the ends. 
  • I allowed the hair to dry for a bit and then proceeded to put the beads onto the ends of the braids.

That’s it, style complete. I have 31 braids in total. I must say that I am in love 😍 with this style and I am definitely looking forward to trying out more braided hairstyles. 

A lot of people didn’t and couldn’t believe that I did this style myself, well all I have to say is you can do whatever you set your mind to and yes this was the first time I’ve tried feed-in braids, but the way I learn things is by practicing on myself or by simply just watching a YouTube tutorial. 

I hope you enjoyed this. 

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Do have a lovely day and I will see you next time, 👋.

Maintaining moisture to promote healthy hair ft relaxed hair.

You can definitely grow long relaxed hair, but because its been chemically processed, it needs a lot of care. Also, you don’t need to trim your ends every month. Only trim when its necessary. I trim my hair once a year and it works for me. Find out what works for you.

Hello beautiful people 👋

So i decided to do a post on how to take care of your relaxed hair. Yes i know i don’t have relaxed hair right now, but i did once and it was thick and healthy. I’ll talk about my hair journey in another post.

To maintain your hair i recommend stretching your relaxer to maybe every 2 to 3 months, and when you do relax your hair, just focus on the new growth to avoid further damage to the already processed hair.

Today i’ll be using my gorgeous friend Jennifer as she has relaxed hair.


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Quick and easy ways to style short straight hair.

Hey beautiful people  👋

So here i’ll be showing you different ways to style your hair with minimal effort.

Lets get to it then;

  • Simple chic ponytail: you’ll need a wide toothed comb, a boar bristle brush and a hair band. Either make a middle part or a side part and comb it back, using the brush to smooth the hair down and secure with the hair band.


  • Crown braid: Start from one ear and braid all around your head. You can use a bobby pin to secure the end of the braid. 

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