Updated wash day routine for maximum moisture retention.

Hope you’re all having a good day!

I’ve made a few changes to my wash day routine and my hair has been thanking me for it. It’s softer and I’ve noticed more curl definition.

The night before i wash my hair, i use my ultimate organic therapy extra virgin olive oil on my hair and massage it onto my scalp. This makes the start of my wash day slightly easier so i do it.


First, i part my hair into 4 sections & i use my Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore shampoo. This contains shea butter, peppermint, JBCO & Apple cider vinegar. Oh and this is my second bottle, because I really love this shampoo.


To avoid stripping my hair completely of its oils, i use an applicator bottle containing a mixture of the shampoo diluted in water, to get to my scalp easily. This method has really changed the way my hair feels after a wash.

Second, i go in with my Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore conditioner on each section whilst finger detangling at the same time, and i finish off by running a comb through those sections to fully detangle my hair. Cover with a shower cap or heat process cap.

(After this step i will deep condition my hair with my staple product, ORS hair mayonnaise. This is done once every 2/3 weeks)


Third, while my hair is still dripping wet, i apply my Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow and restore leave-in conditioner on one section at a time. Followed by my Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and shine style milk,

and finally, i use my ultimate organic therapy tea tree & Jamaican black castor stimulating growth oil on my scalp and hair to lock all the moisture in and add shine.

This method leaves my hair soft, moisturised and healthy. This is what works for me but you are all welcome to try this method (with your own products).

Below is a twist-out i did using this method.

Have a great day and see you next time.


My Ulta and Sephora haul contd. 

Hello friends, welcome to the continuation of my previous post ” My Ulta and Sephora haul” click here if you haven’t checked it out yet 💚.

This post unlike the previous one contains slightly cheaper products but still of beautiful quality.

My Ulta haul;

  • Buxom eye shadow in the shade ‘IT Crowd’ ($12): ok so prior to purchasing this product I had never heard of it, but I’m glad I discovered it. This eye shadow is so pigmented and beautiful it makes my heart melt, ha ha. It’s a nice orange shimmery colour and I cannot wait to create a look with this.
  • NYX prismatic shadows in the shade ‘Glided doré’ or ps22 ($5.99): first off the packaging is so cute. It’s got a little bow where you open it from. Onto the shadow, it is a beautiful gold shade. Nice and pigmented too (yes I say pigmented a lot because I don’t like going for eyeshadow that won’t pop) haha. 
  • NYX Dewy and Matte finish setting sprays ($7.99 each): I got the matte finish for the summer and the dewy finish for the winter.people I kid you not when I say that the matte finish (which is the one I’ve used so far out of the two) is way better that the Urban decay All nighter setting spray. This baby held my makeup on for at least 7 hours (because I took my makeup off after the 7th hour. I won’t be surprised if it lasts longer. Can’t wait to try out the dewy finish during the winter.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade 02 ($5.99): it’s a lovely nude colour and smells nice.


  • LÓRÉAL Paris Infalliable pro-glow foundation in the shades ‘209 (caramel beige) & 210 (classic tan)’ ($12.99 each): I got these two shades because mixing both of them will give me a perfect match, and I can always use the lighter one in the winter or the darker one when I get a massive tan. Plus it’s got SPF 15, sweet.
top – 209 bottom – 210
  • NYX liquid suede cream lipstick ($6.99): I got it in the shade ‘Alien’ or 24. It’s a black shade with a tint of blue 🖤😍 and I can’t wait to use it. 


  • NYX White liquid liner ($6.99): My search for a white eyeliner has ended. I love the NYX liquid liners and did not hesitate to grad this white liner. Makeup looks coming soon 😜🤡.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Have a lovely day and I will see you next time 👋🏼

Review of the Zerreau towel off shampoo.

Hello everyone.

I’m back with another product review and this time it is the “Zerreau towel off shampoo foam“.

This product claims to clean and refreshes your hair without water. It says it uses zero water, leaves hair clean and fresh, removes oil and odours, removes product build up, infused with strawberry scent, leaves no streaks or residues, fast and easy to use, and its suitable for all hair types.

Now this is very interesting because i haven’t even tried dry shampoo and then a water-less shampoo comes along. I was a bit hesitant to try it at first but then i became pretty curious to find out how this works.

So lets see how this product works.

Ok so i decided to try this out on my current hairstyle which is box braids. My hair is in need of a good wash lol, and i am going to be super busy today, so i cant wash it now. 

The “washing” process.

  • I parted my hair so i could work in sections.


  • Using the pump, i dispensed out a little amount of the product directly onto my scalp. 


  • I then massaged it gently onto my hair and whilst it was still soapy, i used an old cotton t-shirt. I used this instead of a towel because using a towel on my type 4 Afro hair is the last thing i want to do and it will snag my hair.
  • I then repeated this process throughout the rest of my hair.


  1. You don’t need to get your hair drenched in water.
  2. Can be used on the go as it is a 70 ml bottle.
  3. It is probably ideal for campers, people going to music festivals, or for styles like braids, dreadlocks etc.
  4. It has 2 different scents; strawberry and apple. I love strawberries and that’s why i used the strawberry infused shampoo.
  5. It can be used on Afro hair.
  6. It can be used for people who wear wigs and need to quickly clean their hair.
  7. It left my hair smelling fruity and soft.
  8. It doesn’t feel greasy. It feels like it did clean my hair.

My final verdict of this product is that it is very handy and i do recommend that you give it a try too. It really does clean your hair but honestly, it felt weird to “wash” my hair without water. I’ll most likely use this product when ever i have a protective style in and i cant be bothered to wash it.

I’ll stick to using regular shampoo for now for my wash day routine, mainly because i really love that feeling of water running through my hair. Its just really good.

Get it here 

I hope you found this useful.

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My favourite natural hair products.

Hey beautiful people,

I know the struggle of trying to find products that work for your hair when you go back to your natural hair. This can lead you to become a product junkie (guilty).

So to avoid this, when you buy a product, use it once, twice or even 3 times to find out if your hair likes it or not. Or better still, do some research to find out if it will work for your hair type/porosity.

I have decided to stick to one brand for my hair care routine and that is the ‘ORS brand. This is because these products are designed for Afro hair and they are affordable. Plus the products really do what they say.

For shampoo and conditioner i use the creamy aloe shampoo and replenishing conditioner. These two products are by far the best duo I have tried for my natural hair care. The shampoo lathers instantly and really cleans your scalp and hair. Whilst the conditioner Leaves your hair soft and smelling so good. This shampoo isn’t sulfate free.

For leave in conditioner i use Monoi oil anti-breakage leave in conditioning crème with omega 3 & 6. It helps reduce protein loss which encourages stronger hair. The smell is divine and a little goes a long way as it is thick. To use it, I Spritz my hair with water, take a little bit of the product and rub it on my palms, then distribute it around my hair. It leaves it feeling really soft.


For moisturizing my hair i use 3 products  (not at the same time);

To add shine to my styles i use the Nourishing Sheen spray and the anti-breakage rejuvenating spray. i use these on braids or a twist out or roller set. it can even be used to take down your styles to reduce frizz.


To deep condition or for a protein treatment, i use Hair mayonnaise treatment for damaged hair. Now my hair isn’t damaged, but this definitely prevents it from damage. It contains olive oil, egg protein, herbs and wheatgerm oil.


Finally, to slick my edges down i use monoi oil anti-breakage edge control hair gel with omega 3 & 6. This is the new flexible hold gel and I absolutely love it way more than the original ORS edge control. It doesn’t leave any white residue and you can control the amount of hold by how much you use.



I hope you found this useful

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Mini twists for length retention 

Hello friends 😃.  Hope you’re all doing well.

Ok so I’m bored of just having my hair in a twist out and I have decided to do a cute style that I can keep in for a month and that’s mini twists. 

I’m starting off with freshly washed hair. Click my Current wash day routine to check out how I wash my hair.

Quick tip: to stimulate hair growth, give yourself a scalp massage every now and then. Also make sure you moisturize your ends to avoid breakage.

The process

  •  To begin, I divided my hair into four sections as I work quicker this way.
  • Then I begin twisting small sections of my hair. When you get to the end of a twist, curl the ends by twirling it around your finger.
  • After twisting some of my hair, I stretch my hair and use a clip to stretch it out.


  • You might wonder why I haven’t mentioned any products and that’s because I had already put products in my hair after washing. So click Here to check that out.
  • As my hair started drying, I sprayed some water on it to get it damp and continued twisting.
  • And I’m all done.


To sleep I either use a satin bonnet, a satin scarf or I simply just sleep on my silk pillowcase.

In the morning.

Your hair might look crazy because you’ve been tossing and turning all night like this crazy girl 😂😂, but not to worry, it can be fixed.

  • Simply spray your hair with a little water and pull on it to stretch it out.
  • You can even use a leave in conditioner to make it actually look weighed down but doesn’t feel that way.
  • I on the other hand sprayed some of my ORS monoi oil anti breakage rejuvenating spray on my palms and distributed that all over the twists focusing on the ends to add shine to my hair.


And you’re good to go.

I hope you try this hairstyle and let me know if you will.

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Do have a lovely day and I will see you next time 💛.